Read what our clients say about us.

Zoe Lugg, Tenant

February 2024

When we were searching for houses last year we gave them a list of ones we had found online and wanted to view. We got to see every house we wanted and more as they had organised viewings of houses we hadn’t sent which turned out to be one we chose. They were very open and honest about the process and all the financial details so we all felt as though we were in safe hands!

Julie Diaper, Managed Landlord

February 2024

Communication is good when anything needs doing at our house and on the whole Strats take care of our property very well!

Zanele Tshuma, Tenant

January 2024

I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Strats! Their professionalism and efficiency have made my renting experience truly outstanding. In particular, their responsiveness and proactive approach were evident when they went above and beyond to assist me last minute. Their ability to handle unforeseen challenges with grace and effectiveness is commendable. From the initial property search to the signing of the lease, Strats guided me through every step, ensuring a seamless process. I appreciate their dedication to client satisfaction and would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a reliable and supportive letting agent.

Renz Borja, Buyer

January 2024

Great service whenever there’s been any problems at the home they made sure to fix it asap. Would use them again.

Nicole Antoniou, Managed Landlord

December 2023

Strats manage my portfolio exceptionally. I live abroad and never have to worry about anything. Any question is never too much and always available when needed

Arun Mistry, Managed Landlord

December 2023

The best partners I have in my rental business. They have always done and continue to provide the best service. I have never had a problem or disagreement with Strats. The staff are always there for me and always answer any questions I have!

Charlotte Harper, Managed Landlord

November 2023

Strats are super efficient and professional the best agents I know wouldn’t use anyone else

Vera Pontes, Tenant

November 2023

I’m a student at the University of Hertfordshire who was in dire search of housing for my second year and me and my friends went to Strats on campus where we had a meeting with Olympia. We then went to a viewing of a few houses where we found a house we really liked and then reserved it.

Saiteja Reddy Gattavatala, Tenant

October 2023

Strats properties are always the best, Clean & tidy, Furnished, Always resolves the problem right in time.

Shaiden Beaupierre, Tenant

September 2023

Very friendly,professional and a nice team

Christopher Thomas, Managed Landlord

September 2023

Whole staff always on the ball.

Lydia Ani, Tenant

August 2023

Lovely service with lovely helpful staff. Always made me feel heard and took my best interest at heart. Offered great deals for us students at the start of the tenancy such as papa johns and subway

Felicity Kifani, Tenant

August 2023

Strats homes is a known agency that I and many of my other friends used or have in the past. They are highly communicative and quick to resolve any questions or issues we have had in the past. I don’t have a bad word to say regarding the company but simply want to thank them for their great services

Ben Hubbard, Tenant

July 2023

Very good service.

Teagan Quennell, Tenant

July 2023

Strats had amazing customer service and never failed to find solutions to our problems. They were professional and updated us of any upcoming costs from council taxes that we were unaware of, so that we could budget

Malgorzata Filar, Tenant

April 2023

I am pleased that we were able to come to an agreement on the rental terms. The service provided was professional, and the approach to the tenant was courteous.

Philip Latchana, Managed Landlord

March 2023

All the Strats team are great - super efficient and friendly. They have managed my flat for many years and I am very satisfied with their service.

Martyn Fulton, Managed Landlord

February 2023

This agent has continued year after year to provide a 5 Star service to me as a landlord. Well Done team

Elizaveta Kovalevich, Tenant

February 2023

Overall great experience, really helpful.

Priya Kalia, Managed Landlord

January 2023

At first i was not sure how this agent would manage my property or locate tenants but as the years have gone by they have always been reliable, helpful, loyal, open, honest and trustworthy. I would highly recommend strats to any customer. I have held my property without any concerns because they care for it well and meet the needs of its maintenance.

Nicola Cook, Managed Landlord

January 2023

This is the first time I’ve been a landlord and was quite nervous about the responsibility. George is amazing. Everything I needed to know was carefully explained to me and I feel like I don’t ever have to worry about anything. He seems to sort things out before I’ve even finished sending him emails! I have never ever had a problem. I honestly would recommend them to anyone.

Melissa-Dilara Senverdi, Tenant

December 2022

Everything has been amazing, where whenever I had a concern it would always be sorted out the day after even on the same day. Everyone is so hard working, nice, committed and dedicated to make sure we live happily and safe at STRATS. 10/10 recommend truly impressed!! Thank you

Cailin Marangos, Tenant

December 2022

Strats are always on hand to help us whenever we need it. Everyone in the office is polite, friendly and welcoming!

Kishore, Tenant

November 2022

I had been a tenant with Strats for a year before, and even then, whenever we had any problems or issues, they were just a call away. This year, when we moved to Hatfield, we immediately contacted Strats again, and they didn't let me down. Even now, they are very helpful in helping me find a home, and whenever I have a complaint, they always respond right away. I haven't had any problems with them up until this point.

Paul Ioannou, Managed Landlord

September 2022

Dear Strats, Thank you so much for your help with Renting my property. You made the process simple and easy for me, and I appreciated your patience and expertise. Your help was extremely valuable to me. I would like to thanks George ( both ) for everything they done for me and the way always is there for me to help. THANK YOU!!! LOVE YOU GUYS

Connor Baker, Tenant

August 2022

The entire experience was great. When we first rented the house, we couldn’t move in right away because of how far away we lived at the time, and they sent over a tour that they had done from our request, and sent it to us right away. When we arrived, they had left some pizza vouchers that allowed us to get free pizza from Domino’s, absolutely great!

Ana-Maria Mihaela Ibrian, Tenant

July 2022

While renting with Strats Agency, I can say that they are genuine with the details of my previous requirements, they are concerned about my comfort and we created a trust with each other. It is a accurate agency and I will recommend it 100% to anyone.

Deeptanshu Mhaprolkar, Tenant

July 2022

They have done great job and have communicated really well with any issues I have had. I will recommending them in the future

Jenish Khunt, Tenant

March 2022

So happy with overall service. George and team has always been really very helpful and supportive.

Vikas Karawadra, Tenant

February 2022

From start to finish, strats have been welcoming and providing excellent service with any issues and questions that have arisen along the way.

Helen Atipioko, Managed Landlord

January 2022

Strats homes have been the best management company I have ever used. My 3 rental properties have always been well-maintained and well-taken care off over the years. Any queries are resolved immediately. Rents from tenants are always paid in a timely manner. I am really happy with Strats Homes managing my rented homes.

Mr Louis Michael Yiallouris, Managed Landlord

January 2022

Very professional and helpful team. I always get updated in relation to my houses and they resolve matters in a very efficient way, keeping tenants and landlords happy. Strongly recommended to those landlords that they are looking for a piece of mind and reliability. A big thanks to everybody at Strats Estates & Letting Agents.

M Chauhan, Managed Landlord

January 2022

As estate agents go, Strats are one of the best I have dealt with (and I deal with quite a few!). Their service has a very personal touch and when dealing with them it’s always straightforward and to the point with no hidden agendas, unlike some of the other estate agents I have used who are only interested in making a quick buck with their commissions. I always feel welcome when I have to visit their offices and. Their approach is always to make it fair for the landlords as well as the tenants and keep both sides happy. Thank you for a great service. Keep up the good work!

Loren Aliu, Tenant

December 2021

I was a tenant with Strats for over 4 years in 3 different properties and have had a great experience with them. The staff are very helpful, friendly and always respond quickly to any issues. I would highly recommend using Strats in the Hatfield area!

Daniela Cavaleiro, Tenant

September 2021

My 3 year experience with STRATS was great. The agents would always try to solve any problems we had. Also, the maintenance team was great too.

Oliver Smithies, Tenant

August 2021

I've rented with strats for 2 years as a student. They are the best estate agents and property managers that I have used. Significantly better than my experience with the uni's own accommodation. Would recommend to other students in the area.

Lisa Llano, Tenant

August 2021

I really enjoyed my experience with strats. We was quite picky but they helped us find the perfect house for our last year at university. The whole process was so straightforward and simple. They were always fast when needed on call for anything and would always find a solution for us. I would highly recommend strats to any other student just to make it a little easier when choosing accommodation around the university!

Menashy Menahem, Managed Landlord

July 2021

As a landlord, I have never been so satisfied working with any agency as much as Strats. First rate, super professional and super wonderful staff.

Evren Bingol, Tenant

July 2021

Absolutely lovely people! They are always there to provide well-informed answers to most unexpected questions about renting!

S. Rogers, Tenant

July 2021

I have been a tenant for many years, I have found all the staff to always be extremely polite and always professional and they really do go the extra mile to resove any issues . I couldn't ask for a better service.

Yasmin Makinde, Tenant

July 2021

I’ve been renting with Strats for the last year and I’ve not had a single bad experience. Any maintenance issues were fixed as soon as possible and they even mow our grass!

Sabbie Aujla, Managed Landlord

February 2021

Excellent service. Always consistent, timely & professional. Turn around of calls & service itself is second to none.

Pradeep Chotai, Managed Landlord

February 2021

My very first interaction with Strats was days after they started the agency. At the time i was very reluctant as there was no history to go by. However, George (the MD) convinced me of what their plans are and to this day they have met if not surpassed all the promises and continue to excel in providing the service to the landlords as well as their clients. I would not hesitate at all in recomending the team as all the new members have followed the principle of providing excellent service.

Oliver Smithies, Tenant

December 2020

I had an issue with my payment dates. I sent them an email and they got back to me quickly, calling the next working day. They were very helpful and helped sort the issue quickly.

Jordan-Leigh Clark, Tenant

December 2020

It was very good any issues were immediately sorted and we were aided in any way we needed. When a house we wanted became unavailable the agent immediately looked for other properties for us.

Callum Marshall, Tenant

December 2020

Strats has been an invaluable resource when it has come to helping me and my friends look for a student house next year, they have been so on the ball with taking time to help with any questions we've all had and have helped things run so smoothly

Vinay Nandha, Tenant

December 2020

Excellent first user experience considering this long lasting pandemic. Dedication towards satisfying needs e.g. refurbishing the carpet with our house makes it very pleasing. Overall Strats versatility of helping and caring for people like myself naturally would cultivate myself to recommend your services to anyone with intentions of housing.

Wiktoria Lewandowska, Tenant

December 2020

The experience is nice so far, the condition of the house is good, every problem that we had with the house was resolved quickly

Noah Daniel Abrha, Tenant

December 2020

Very caring team which help us with every problem we get. Very organised due to fact they have a separate maintenance team to deal with problems separately. I’ve been a tenant for two different properties. I recommend it to every student.

Lucia Athanasiou, Managed Landlord

December 2020

We are so happy with the Strats team and the help they have provided us. We have been using them for a couple of years now and are so pleased to with the outcome, who knew renting could be so easy! We are rarely disturbed, the team even provide their own maintenance service and end of tenancy cleans. Our property has been rented and kept in a pristine condition. Well done to the Strats team who always go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. A truly great company. Well done guys.

Anna Gur, Managed Landlord

December 2020

We have been using Strats Estates for a while now and couldn't be more impressed with their services. Very friendly team - you feel they genuinely have your best at heart, whilst getting a guaranteed great job done. We have always rented our house with their services, and know our property is in good hands. They supply their own maintenance services, keep us posted on all works and generally provide a stress free and good service. I could not be more pleased. Renting a house has never been easier!

Shannon Reeks, Tenant

December 2020

Strats were on the ball when we started looking and replied to all our concerns and made us feel at ease with renting with them in our student house. They are always quick to sort us out when we have any problems & alert us when we are due to pay our rent. Thank you Strats :)

Emma Grace, Tenant

December 2020

They were friendly and helpful when we were looking to rent a house, accommodated to our needs and found us a house that really suited us. They communicate with us really well and are friendly and helpful.

Alexander Bernard-Borrell, Tenant

February 2020

Olympia who we had first contact with made everything nice and easy for us when we were looking for a place to live

Punita Tailor, Managed Landlord

February 2020

Love the whole team at Strats, doing a great job! George D manages my property - thank you for all your efforts and hard work. As a landlord I am happy with level of service I am receiving

Farhad Hussein, Tenant

February 2020

Strats Agency makes the process of renting very easy and explains things very well. Their maintenance team is also great! I am very glad that my first time renting expierence was with Strats Agency.

Adedotun Obilaja, Tenant

January 2020

I love being with strats they are so helpful always. So happy I choose them. They have made my last two years in student accommodation a breeze!

Melvyn Tucker, Managed Landlord

January 2020

These are the best agents you could wish for.

Nikesh Solanki, Managed Landlord

December 2019

Absolutely amazing! Great service great support and always sticking to there word! Can't fault even if I tried


Jatin Patel, Managed Landlord

December 2019

A brilliantly run business and hands free solution to letting out your property.


Dr David Daniels, Managed Landlord

November 2019

Now 10 years with the company. Exceptional! I use other agencies also. By far the best!

Anjum Arshad, Managed Landlord

November 2019

I have been with Strats for a long time and every year they are better than the previous

Rodica Laeselu, Tenant

November 2019

Very nice and helpful pupil, I'm for the first time with this agency and very happy that I find them.thanks

Nicole Cantle, Tenant

October 2019

Been with strats 2 years, not only are they all really lovely people, they always respond quickly and are really professional. Would always recommend them to people!


Bryony Marsh, Tenant

October 2019

They are the most amazing Lettings agents going! Always friendly, happy to help and pro-active! Couldn’t fault them at all!


Vishram valji, Managed Landlord

October 2019

One stop property agent My special thanks to all the staff but most to three George's


Grace Holmes-Keywood, Tenant

August 2019

The staff were really helpful throughout the year that I have been with them and would definitely recommend them to others. They make something that a lot of students haven’t done before very easy.

Joel Sorby, Tenant

August 2019

In an area where you often hear about dodgy/unhelpful estate agents, Strats were absolutely fantastic. They were accommodating, helpful at every avenue, and were genuinely lovely people.

George Kailou, Managed Landlord

August 2019

All the team at strats are very helpful courteous and extremely professional. Would highly recommend to any landlord who wants a trouble free investment portfolio fully managed.


Christopher Emmanuel Alade, Tenant

August 2019

The staff are really friendly, a lot of jokes and overall it was just a wonderful experience because when you need them, they are there literally. I was a tenant for 2 years and it was great 

Tiffany Tripp, Tenant

August 2019

Never thought estate agents could be as friendly as everyone in this office is! Particular mention to George Doukanaris, who not only sorted out my housing whilst at uni, but helped me after too!

Kantimar Buthong, Tenant

July 2019

Strats was the best estate agents! I wish we had rented through them sooner, great service, super friendly and reliable staff. Would definitely rent with them again!


Udhay Dasoar, Managed Landlord

July 2019

Strats are professional, easy to contact, very helpful with any queries. Strats are well organised, do things by the book and take all the stress out of being a landlord. I would highly recommend them

John Glossop, Managed Landlord

June 2019

In the main my dealings have been with Mr George Doukanaris -Senior Housing Manager who has given me excellent service and advise in our first year of trading." New tennants " booked for 2019-20

Haji Pardeshi, Managed Landlord

June 2019

The staff at Strats are great, they make life so easy for Landlords. If I had to give marks out of 10 for excellent customer service I would give them 12. They are simply outstanding .

Christos-Alexis Brillakis, Tenant

June 2019

This has been my second with Strats. Having them as my agency has be a relief really, even less stressful than university halls. These guys will do anything possible to make you feel at home.

Elena Kyprianou, Managed Landlord

June 2019

The whole team really work hard to deal with my queries and look after myself, my property and the tenants. I would be lost without them and can truly really rely on them for everything.

Molly Love, Tenant

May 2019

Everyone at Strats is absolutely amazing, they are truly the only estate agents I would ever recommend, especially for a student renting for the first time!

Bright Apinoko, Managed Landlord

May 2019

George Strats [The MD] is simply amazing in management & professionalism. I would recommend him and his entire staff anytime any day to real estate landlords looking for estate agents you can rely on.

Patricia Ferguson, Managed Landlord

May 2019

A warm and friendly yet professional team, that’s so responsive, and quick to assist no matter how big or small the issue. A real pleasure to deal with. George is especially supportive!

Christina Alexandrou, Tenant

April 2019

Excellent service. Very happy with the service and the staff are so accommodating. Definitely recommend. Top service

Tharanveer Bharaj, Managed Landlord

April 2019

Great service especially from George Doukanaris who goes out of his way to get things sorted. He is both professional and friendly keeping both the landlords and Tentant’s interest in mind.

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